Website Co-Founder @2012

I complete B.E Bio-Medical & Instrumentation Engineer on June 2005 Saurashtra University and Join India’s Manufacturer of Surgical Lasers and Cosmetic Laser Surgery Devices Company.

@2012 with current Job started Part Time Web design, Digital Marketing with Google SEO, Project Consultation & Import/Export Trade for Neodymium Magnet for Small Scale Industrial Company

Now I am working as techno-commerce person who is specializes in Technology, Manufacturing, Import/Export Trading, Web design, Digital Marketing, & Good & Service Tax Accounting. My skill have been sold all over India and the USA also I have worked with some of the biggest Industry as Magnet Consultation.

We also currently working with some company to develop their current project /Free Energy Generator build with customized Magnet, We suggest/design affordable, high quality & most suitable magnet in their project/product build for future upgrade/production/prototype.


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