Countersunk Pot Magnets PME-A60–Force 112kg

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Countersunk Pot Magnets PME-A60 – Force 112kg

  • Model: PME-A60
  • Materials: Neodymium (NedFeB)
  • Pot Diameter D: 60mm
  • Bore-hole D1: 8.5mm
  • Counter Sinking D2: 18.0mm
  • Total Height H: 15.0mm
  • Thickness of Iron: 3.0mm
  • Tolerance: ±0.1mm
  • Coating: Nickel Plated (Ni-Ci-Ni)
  • Steel: Q235
  • Magnetized Grade: N35
  • Power Strength: 112.0 Kg
  • Max. Working Temperature: 80°C
  • Weight: 250 gram

This magnet in a steel pot has a countersunk borehole and can be fastened with a countersunk screw. It is popular with customers in electrical engineering, kitchen/batch design, machine building and plant construction.


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