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External Thread Pot Magnets PME-C16 – Strong Force 5.0kg

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Model: PME-C16
Pot Diameter D: Ø16mm
Pot Height H1: 5mm
Total Height H2: 13mm
Thread M: M4
Thickness of Iron: 1.5mm
Tolerance: ±0.1mm
Coating: Nickel Plated (Ni-Ci-Ni)
Steel: Q235
Magnetized Grade: N35
Power Strength: 5.0 Kg
Max. Working Temperature: 80°C
Net Weight: 7.0 gram

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External Thread Pot Magnets PME-C16 – Strong Force 5.0kg

External thread pot magnets, such as the PME-C16, are specialized magnetic devices designed for a wide range of applications. Pot magnets are unique because they incorporate a permanent magnet encased within a durable steel shell. This design not only enhances their magnetic strength but also offers protection against physical damage and corrosion. The PME-C16 model, in particular, stands out due to its external thread feature, which provides a convenient way to attach it to other objects or structures.

This pot magnet has a diameter of 16 mm and a stem with an external screw thread. You can slide the stem, for instance, through a hole and fasten it with a nut. The magnet is very popular with lighting solutions, in metal processing and kitchen/bathroom design.

All the strength of pot magnets are the vertical magnetic pull-force which make the magnet pull away from the 20mm thickness steel plate of a tensile tester under ideal condition. (80mm/min)

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Weight 7.0 g

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