buy Rare Earth Magnets in India

You can buy rare earth magnets in India from various sources. Here are some options:

  1. DNA Technology – Offers a variety of neodymium magnets in different sizes and shapes. You can purchase them online through their website​ (DNA Tech India)​.
  2. Flipkart – Occasionally stocks packs of neodymium magnets, though availability may vary. You can check their website for the latest listings​ (Flipkart)​.
  3. Patel Magnets – Specializes in rare earth magnets, including neodymium and samarium-cobalt magnets. They offer high-quality products suitable for various applications and have an extensive online catalog​ (PATEL MAGNETS)​.
  4. Kumar Magnet Industries – Known for their wide range of magnetic products, including neodymium magnets. They cater to both industrial and personal needs, and provide custom magnets as well​ (Kumar Magnet Industries)​​ 

These suppliers provide detailed information on their products and facilitate online purchases, making it easy to find the right type of magnet for your needs.

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