where to buy neodymium magnets

where to buy neodymium magnets

You can buy neodymium magnets from various online retailers and some physical stores that specialize in magnets and hardware. Here are some options:

  1. Online Retailers:
    • Amazon: Has a wide variety of neodymium magnets.
    • eBay: Another platform with many sellers offering different types of magnets.
    • K&J Magnetics: Specializes in neodymium magnets and provides detailed specifications.
    • Applied Magnets: Offers a range of magnets including neodymium.
    • CMS Magnetics: Known for competitive pricing and a variety of magnet types.
  1. Physical Stores:
    • Hardware stores: Some larger hardware stores may carry neodymium magnets.
    • Craft stores: Occasionally stock smaller neodymium magnets for craft projects.
    • Electronics stores: Some electronics component stores carry small magnets.

Make sure to check the size, grade, and strength of the magnets before purchasing to ensure they meet your needs. you can check our online store

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